Inle: A Few Of My Favorite Shots

Here are a few shots from my first day on Inle Lake… A truly stunning and unique place, where life revolves around the water. From floating villages and water-born gardens to acrobatic fishermen and fresh Shan cooking, it’s a feast for all of the senses.

Main Street of a floating village… Just like any town, except people row instead of drive

Some of the homes, with small floating gardens in front

A resting place amid the floating gardens for farmers

Catching dinner… Note the amazing way the locals row with their legs

Multi-tasking with all limbs

A celebration to send young boys off to the monastery; they are clothed like young princes, in homage to Buddha, on their last day before donning saffron robes

Tea time in town! Plates of snacks fill the table. You pay for what you eat… I promise!

Home-grown delicacies at the local market

A traditional way to weigh ginger, and other items

Love the textures and colors!

Learning the roll cigars at a local factory and workshop

Red silk at a weaving factory


2 responses to “Inle: A Few Of My Favorite Shots

  1. Cara, your trip is amazing, nice meeting you in Jodphur, stay safe and look forward to the next leg

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