The Adventurer

IMG_2261This is the place where I tell you a bit about who I am, for those of you who are new to the blog. What better way than through a Top 10… stolen with glee from my friends at
?What If!

1. I’m a New Yorker, bred but not born

2. I’m technically an Aussie (see #1), and although I’ve lost my accent, I’ve maintained a love of Vegemite

3. I spent over 10 years as an innovation consultant (“Lead Inventor” by title), which means that I got to develop new products, brands and businesses for Fortune 100 companies every day

4. After studying international relations at Brown and working at the Aspen Institute, I dreamed of becoming a diplomat… now, I suppose I’m an idea ambassador

5. If it’s cooked with love, I’ll eat it

6. I live by my grandmother’s rule that “you can find good in everyone”

7. Listening to life stories is my drug of choice

8. I’ve lived on four continents and traveled to over 40 countries

9. The humble makes me as happy as the haute

10. Serendipity is my co-pilot

… And if you’re looking for more of a bio, you can always check out my LinkedIn schpiel.

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