Today’s Challenge: … Is Brought To You By The Letter “B”

Today’s challenge seemed like easy, breezy fun, but I actually learned quite a valuable lesson from focusing my day on the letter “b” (in honor of the beautiful and brilliant Bella.)

Here are some bright-spots of my beautiful Bangkok day:

Buddhist meditation, as learned from a Burmese monk

Beautification before breakfast, which included blow-drying my hair and brightly coloring my lips

A buffet breakfast, where instead of my typical yogurt and fruit, I ate black bread and butter, bircher muesli… and a delicious bear claw

A buying adventure, where I explored Bangkok’s boutique designers (with local teens!) and purchased some adorable blue pants and two bright blouses

Bathroom brilliance, with the best signage design I’ve ever seen, and hilarious quips on the inside of each stall

Amid a huge array of lunch time choices, a bee-line to Baan Ying Cafe … and a meal of the only two menu items that fit the “b”ill: baan noodles and bael fruit tea!

Transport via the BTS (sky train), which made my adventures cheaper and faster than hopping in a typical taxi

Bumbling around Bangkok after all things “b” made for a fun day that forced me out of my thinking and routines. By looking for “b”s, I started to see them everywhere. It didn’t require hard work or excessive planning, but naturally fell into place as I continued on my way. And became quite easy to create, once I had “b” on the brain. This challenge is a great reminder that in a world of constant stimulus, we see what we seek. So much of my environment is dictated by my mind and intention, and if I look for happy things, I’ll find them… Same goes for the negative. Now, by the time I got to dinner, I’d forgotten my “b” challenge and ordered a pomelo, prawn and pork salad. But wouldn’t you know, a “p” is a “b” upside down…

So my challenge to you all today is to look for the “b”s: the beautiful, the brilliant and the bold… Or if you prefer, the the positive, the pretty and the purposeful!

With blowout, bright lips, blue pants and a new blouse in Bangkok

A lunch of “b”s

Brilliant bathroom signage

Brain-candy in the bathroom stall


One response to “Today’s Challenge: … Is Brought To You By The Letter “B”

  1. A barrage, banquet, brilliant, bright, beneficent, beckoning, bouquet, bevy of “b’s” !! Beautiful. Bravo, Bon chance, Bon appétit. Pxxxs (“b” upside-down !!)

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