Alleppey: Hilarious Kids


We’ve made the acquaintance of many an adorable child, and these two were some of our favorites. In the backwaters of Alleppey, we walked around a small community, where we happened across a cricket game in the field, and families with small children doing daily chores, like washing clothes in the river and sweeping the outside of the house.

An adorable boy ran up to me and started to shake my hand. (Appropriately captured above in motion…) He would run away and come back and shake my hand again. And again. And again. His mother came to see the laughter and commotion as did his brother, which ended up in more hand shaking from the younger boy, and acrobatics from the older one.

We continued to shake hands and laugh, to marvel at the climbing abilities of the older boy, and to take family photographs. Squeals of delight ensued as the younger boy saw his image on Blair’s iPhone. Inspired by an older boat driver who told us about a British couple that took a picture and months later mailed it to him, we jotted down their address and plan to send them the snapshots after we return home. We even shook on it.


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