Munnar: Morning Meditation


Ahh, what a peaceful scene for morning meditation. We are at a lovely homestay in Munnar, where the owner farms cardamom, vanilla, cocoa, coffee, tea and other delicious treats. Every step here is a magical new aroma, and Blair and I find ourselves turning to each other every few minutes and exclaiming, “Ooh… new smell!”

I’m leading more with my nose and my ears than just with my eyes here, and it’s a different, deeper sensation. I realize how much I focus just on sight in my daily life (whether scrolling Facebook, Instagramming or just validating something on its visual identity) and how much I lose by just operating on that one dimension. Is it because I’m used to my surroundings and take them at face value? Is it because I overschedule myself and don’t take time to use all of my senses? Is it because I’m so focused on goals that I forget the journey? More will be revealed, I’m sure!

How do you all make time to stop and smell the cardamom?


6 responses to “Munnar: Morning Meditation

  1. As they say, don’t forget to stop to smell the roses !! Bruce Chatwin wrote that “The odor of India is ordure !!” Glad to learn that Munnar is merde-free. Bonnes Voyages, Ton Pere xxxs

  2. Munnar is just stunning. My hubby rented a Royal Enfield motorcycle and made our way there from Kochin. That was quite an adventure, with the bike breaking down at some point, and about 15 Indian men coming out of nowhere to help us out! 🙂 Enjoy India!! 🙂

    • Wow! What an adventure… Those are some windy roads! Sounds like an incredible trip… Thanks for the Bali recommendation — I have a few weeks in May, and all signs are pointing there!

  3. It’s great to see you transforming your way of thinking and living. Interesting to see what happens when an UES girl transplants herself to the most un-UES place possible 🙂

  4. I never been to Munner, but my friend told me, Munnar it’s a beautiful nature place. Hope 1 day I can visit here.

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