The Tao of My Dad

The beauty of my sabbatical came from meeting all different types of people, and learning life lessons from each and every one of them. Today being Father’s Day, I’ve taken a moment to reflect on just a few of the life lessons I’ve learned so far in my 31 years from my amazing father. He always gives sage advice and shares his experience with me and with many of my friends. Here are a few things that I continue to learn from him, and strive to practice in my daily life:

Follow your bliss. My father has told me to “follow my bliss” since I was a child, whether it was painting, writing or punk rock. While he and my mother liked the punk-rock-bliss-following less, they always championed and continue to cheer-lead any endeavor I undertake. He inspires me to help others “follow their bliss” and to support wild and crazy ideas in any way I can.

Bring light in darkness. When I was 15, I suddenly became very ill, and struggled with a painful condition and the fear of mortality for well over a year. During those dark days, my father would bring my medications and breakfast to my room, and I would find grapes and pineapple formed in different shapes, from animals to smiley faces. To this day, I still remember moments of excitement and happiness despite the pain, and am inspired to see how I can bring a moment of joy to someone else.

Quest. My father is a curious man, especially about matters of the metaphysical. Growing up in a household with meditation and Manolos (not on him!) and wheatgrass and Western medicine, I learned to appreciate the traditional and transcendental. His open-mindedness, exploration and critical thinking continue to push me to explore the human condition, the universe and the essence of ideas beyond what I see in front of me.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there and to my wonderful father who always spreads joy, jokes and wisdom in his family, on the golf-course and with everyone he encounters… and thank you for always supporting my schemes, soul-searching and eccentricities.


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