Today’s Challenge: Putting My Trip To Verse


Another great challenge from Mike… Here’s my note home to my parents turned into a 24 line verse, edited over an amazing cup of coffee at a home stay in Kerala (hence the photo.) The owner farms and brews it himself. Can’t say I have the gift of rhyme, but enjoy nonetheless!

Let me tell you about the sites we have seen,
The highs and lows, the well-designed and unclean.

While we’ve been here not even seven days,
With all the excitement, it feels like we’ve been here a full moon phase.

Arriving at the Taj Palace, we thought we’d achieved nirvana,
And then were lucky enough to explore Bombay fashion with a fellow named Rana.

We dined with the illustrious Abu and Sandeep,
An incredible evening that made us content in our adventurous leap.

And then to the streets, dhobi ghats and slums,
Our eyes opened to the contradictions that with India comes.

We bid Bombay a happy adieu,
And flew on to explore the illustrious Tamil Nadu.

We were greeted with a smile from Suneesh, our driver,
Who from friends’ recommendations we were promised was not a conniver.

Through temples, and towns, past cows and goats,
We saw so many things that it was hard to take notes.

We start each day with yoga and meditation at six,
And Suneesh, also a yogi, says it’s my brain I have to fix.

We practice on beaches, in temples, and next to loud religious fests,
I work on my breathing and focus, which I’m told will get my brain to rest.

India is incredible, with magical people and spicylicious food,
Just being a part of its energy puts me in a new, contemplative mood.

But don’t worry, I’m not moving to a commune for all of my coming years,
I will continue to explore, and wish you were here in Kerala, my dears!


2 responses to “Today’s Challenge: Putting My Trip To Verse

  1. “We were greeted with a smile from Suneesh, our driver,
    Who from friends’ recommendations we were promised was not a conniver” – too cute!

  2. My dad’s response was so awesome, I had to post it:

    Here’s some Welsh doggerel for your amusement :

    It’s hard to imagine you’re so far away
    But e-mails sent daily keep fears at bay,
    Your mother is first to open the mail
    And eagerly absorbs the smallest detail

    We both are delighted by your progress to date
    And see that your travels are blessed by the fates
    Keep moving and grooving and have a good time
    But don’t marry or tarry, just chase the sublime

    We love you and miss you but know this is great
    To open your eyes and sharpen your tastes
    To life that is different and utterly strange
    That alters perceptions and widens your range

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