Today’s Challenge: From Multi-Tasking to Multi-Sensory


This morning, Blair and I pulled our first challenge: “no multitasking today.” (Thank you, Anne!)

Fortuitously, my computer would not turn on and I was not set up on my Indian phone yet, so I thought this would be a breeze… Especially with a full day planned in an exciting new place.

India is a difficult place to multi-task, as every sense is all consumed at all times. I found myself wondering, however: Would I have appreciated the drives through neighborhoods had I been instagramming along the way? Would I have been as engaged and engrossed in a wonderful dinner party tonight had I been focusing on the lure of a waiting text message? Would I have looked so deeply at the architectural details of the hotel halls had I been texting or list making?

I realize how focused I am on the future, whether ten seconds or ten years ahead and how multi-tasking is the fuel that stokes that fire. Serendipitously, presentness and letting go were two themes that came up in conversation throughout the day with multiple people… And exactly two of the benefits I feel from just a short stint of putting down the phone, the thought and the to-do.

Are you up for one thing at a time today? Tell me about your uni-tasking experience!


One response to “Today’s Challenge: From Multi-Tasking to Multi-Sensory

  1. Love this challenge. It’s something I do every day but just for a portion and it’s always my best part of the day. It makes me more productive at work and at play to truly be present and disconnected.

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