Mantra Making: Living “Yes To Excess”

We are collecting at least 90 challenges for Cara’s 90 days of travel. Challenges can be silly, spiritual, deep, physical, ridiculous or just plain adventurous, but they should evoke an emotion.

But make sure they’re challenges you could and would do, too… because we’re sparking a movement to embrace yes to excess. Cara will pick a new challenge each morning, and she (and all of you, if you choose to accept this mission!) will have 24 hours to complete each day’s challenge. Blog it, ‘gram it, ‘book it, but always hashtag it (#yestoexcess), so we can spark the yes heard ’round the world.

Cara won’t see the challenges until she is far, far away, so feel free to challenge her to do whatever you wish! Email them to


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